Powerful and Value Priced Branded Email for Small Business

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Email Solutions
Email Solutions Email Newsletter Branding Subscriber Seller's Subscriber
Include Client Name in any Newsletters
Yes Yes Yes
Branded Email Template   Yes Yes
Comply with CAN-SPAM Regulations
Yes Yes Yes
Un-Branded Landing Page Example    
Branded Landing Page   Example  
Custom Landing Page     Example
Recipient can Share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Yes Yes Yes
"View it online" capability Yes Yes Yes
Recipient Can Forward to a Friend Yes Yes Yes
Create, Preview and Send Your Own Newsletters from the Landing Page
  Yes Yes
Schedule Newsletter Campaigns
  Yes Yes
Follow-up Autoresponder Campaigns
  Yes Yes
Create Subscribers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail validation and confirmation Yes Yes Yes
Subscription to Newsletter from Landing Page
  Yes Yes
Upload of Current Client Email List First 100
Included in Setup
First 250
Included in Setup
First 250
Included in Setup
Create and include custom fields to personalize the email     Yes
Mailing Lists
Create Mailing Lists Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User Notification : Unsubscribe Confirmation Yes Yes Yes
User Notification : Welcome Message Yes Yes Yes
Captcha protection Yes Yes Yes
Send Process
Send a Newsletter to one or several lists
Yes Yes Yes
Automatic send process
Yes Yes Yes
Bounce Back Handling
Yes Yes Yes
How many users opened your mailing, who opened it, when… Yes Yes Yes
Chart statistics : follow the subscriptions of your mailing lists   Yes Yes
URL Tracker
Chart statistics of each mailing Yes Yes Yes
How many users unsubscribed or forwarded this mailing Yes Yes Yes
How many e-mails bounced per mailing Yes Yes Yes
Help & Support
Integrated Documentation   Yes Yes
Online Documentation   Yes Yes
Personal support via e-mail or phone Yes Yes Yes
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